She's got miracle written all over her

If you're here, you know Jaime (Dominique) Leandro, or you've heard how amazing she is. Incredibly warm and welcoming and extremely funny — often kind of by accident. : )


She's someone who imagines what home could look like, and feel like, and then she creates it. She's a dreamer, a designer, and a roll-up-your-sleeves and get out the power washer kind of girl who loves clean surfaces and her next project.


She is crazy about her husband Jay and her three magical kids, Leo, Zoe, and Eva. And her family. And her friends. And she is so loved.

In late July 2019, after having dealt with ongoing health issues that couldn't quite be pinned down, Jaime was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Chemotherapy treatments started on August 2nd. 

She faces a challenge, but she is up for it, ready to throw it down and emerge whole, healthy, ready for that next project.


Thanks for being in it with her and the family. She will come through this. Our love, our faith, and our need for the next Jaime-ism will make it so. 

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