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Prayer & Meditation in Sync

Wherever you are, join us at 7 am, 3 pm or 9 pm each day.

Dear family and friends of our beloved Jaime,


We’d like to harness the power of collective love and focused prayer and meditation to help manifest her return to perfect health. We ask you to join in this circle of healing love and light however it is you pray or connect. If you don't have a faith tradition or spiritual practice, simply take time every so often to focus on Jaime and hold her in your heart. 


If you'd like, wherever you are, please join in at a time that works for you each day: 7 am, 3 pm, or 9 pm Eastern Time for three minutes of focused prayer/meditation. Longer if you choose, of course. We welcome all loving, healing prayer and focused intention.

Just think: in French, her name means “I love”: “J’aime.” Remarkable, right? No coincidence.

Please share this website with others who would like to add their love and prayers. Let the circle grow! When we come together with the clear intention of restoring Jaime’s health, our power is magnified exponentially. With your healing energy, your magic, and your love — and her own magnificent soul — she will overcome this great challenge. 


Let’s accept this Divine opportunity to show Jaime how much we love her, lend her our strength, and be there for her, Jay, Leo, Zoe, Eva, and the entire family.


Thank you.

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