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Jaime is undergoing an aggressive chemotherapy regimen at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The family has received encouraging news — the tumors had shrunk by 50% as of mid-September, and other tests show real progress.

But ... 

Jaime has also been dealing with complications that have resulted in extended hospital stays. If you'd like to pitch in, here are a few suggestions, The family will be moved by however you'd like to lend support.

Jaime is a spiritual warrior and the ultimate optimist. When her oncologist gave her the diagnosis, her instant response was, "We're going to fight it, right?"
She's taking on this challenge with strength and resilience. Unfortunately, that challenge comes with rising medical expenses. To donate to Jaime's Fight, please click here.
When family, friends, and friends of friends heard the news and started calling, texting and emailing asking how they could help, Jaime said she was "amazingly overwhelmed!"
The family has also organized a meal train. We've established the days and meals we think will work best. There's a clearly labeled cooler in front of the house if you would like to have items delivered or drop something off.  

Click the link above or cut and paste the following:


Direct Donations. If you would like to write a check or lend support in another way, know that your gift will ease the family's burden as they focus their full attention on Jaime's health.


Here are a few ideas:

  1. Housecleaning service on days Jaime is at Beth Israel for her chemo treatments

  2. Landscaping/snow removal

  3. Out-of-pocket prescription costs

  4. Treatments for Jaime. Yoga, reiki — anything that brings her peace, rejuvenation, and healing.  

  5. Home maintenance. Reallly? Yes. If you know Jaime, you know she will literally feel better if certain handyman/maintenance projects can be checked off the list!

  6. Leo, Zoe and Eva: entertaining them in any way possible. Playing with them, taking them out for a fun excursion, covering the cost of a dance class, sports clinic, art workshop, etc. 

  7. Smoothies are Jaime's go-to right now.  Gift cards to Whole Foods, Nzuko and Green Leaf would be great! (She's also loving her soup and is ready for more protein.) 

  8. Parking in Boston: even with patient discounts, this adds up in the city!

Jaime's sister-in-law Toni Dominique is serving as point-person and will account for and distribute cash, checks or online transfers to Jaime and Jay. 


Venmo:  @Toni-Dominique


Checks: Toni Dominique.  80 Albion Street Medford MA 02155

(Make checks out to Jason Leandro and write "Jaime" in the memo line.)


Feel free to reach out if you have any other ideas. They're greatly appreciated. 


If you have any questions, please email Toni at

In closing
Please hold Jaime, Jay, Leo, Zoe, Eva and the entire family in your heart and keep them in your prayers and meditations. This means the world to them, and Jaime, for one, is convinced it's making all the difference.
Thank you!
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