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Jaime's Miracle Journey continues.
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Jaime Dominique Leandro fought pancreatic cancer like a spiritual warrior. She believed she would beat it — and we believed in her faith, which was epic. She called the fight her "miracle journey." 
When she passed on March 8, 2020, she left her husband Jay, children Leo (9), Zoe (8), and Eva (6), and a loving community of family and friends including parents Ellen and Gary, brother Jeff, sister-in-law Toni, and sister Melissa.

Jaime sends messages and signs to let us know she is happy, in the Light, and has work to do. Divine purpose.

She often shows up as a laser-sharp beam of light or a playfully dancing orb. She finds other ways to make clear that yes, it's her, and she loves you. She's staying connected, so keep talking to her, listening to her, and watching for her messages.

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